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DAN offers dive businesses the opportunity to join us in the move to a more dive safety-conscious industry. Make your operation a DAN Industry Partner or a prestigious Dive Safety Partner (DSP) and boost your business by ensuring the safety of your annual clientele.

If your dive business appreciates the importance of dive safety, partner with DAN in our effort to create a safer and more responsible industry and promote safety equipment and training in Southern Africa.
As the largest diving membership organisation in the world, DAN is recognised by divers the world over as synonymous with safety and excellence. Associating your brand with DAN shows your customers how serious you are about their safety. But joining DAN is not just about enhancing your brand – we have a host of benefits for our partners!

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COVID-19 & Diving Activities
10 Safety Recommendations

This is a period of great uncertainty for everyone, and the diving industry makes no exception. Over the past few weeks we have received a number of questions from dive operators and professionals on what procedures should be followed in view of an imminent reopening of diving activities.

The epidemiological and regulatory situation is constantly evolving. At present, there are no clear answers to all questions. However, as an organisation closely linked to the diving community and committed to promoting diving safety, we intended to share our knowledge and experience.

The document 10 Recommendations aims at providing useful indications on risk mitigation that diving operators will be able to adopt when National, Regional or local Authorities will officially allow the reopening of diving activities. It includes: Answers to the most frequently asked questions | Template of Public Notice for Customers | Practical tips on protective masks and gloves.

The document might be subject to changes and updates. In this regard, we intend to listen to the community: dive operators, dive centres managers, and all those who want to contribute with their knowledge and insights.

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We'll get through this emergency together!


All applications are usually processed within 2-days. If you don't hear from us within 2-days after submitting an application please contact the DAN office directly on +27 11 266 4900 or at Please note that the DAN administrative office is closed on weekends and public holidays.

Industry Partner features


35 Years of Scientific Data | World Class Dive Research | Critical Medical Safety Information | Membership Packages | Lifesaving Evacuation

What started as a small group of scuba diving enthusiasts with a desire to make the sport they love safe, has grown into an internationally-recognised, non-profit organisation that has served more than 1 000 000 members internationally. Serving scuba divers for more than 20 years internationally, DAN provides emergency assistance, medical information resources, educational opportunities, travel cover benefits and more.

For more than three decades, in co-operation with like-minded businesses and organisations, we have made great strides in diving safety around the world. We have invested our resources in diving safety research; education and treatment of injured divers; and providing critical incident prevention and management resources to divers, dive professionals and dive businesses – all dedicated to minimising the effects of diving injuries.

By making your operation a DAN Industry Partner or a prestigious Diving Safety Partner (DSP), you will boost your business by ensuring the safety of your annual clientele.

Industry Partner Benefits


DAN's Student Dive Cover is free of charge to entry-level students from the first pool session to the qualifying dive or for a duration of six weeks. Recreational dive, freediving and spear fisherman entry-level students are all eligible. Easy to student sign-up process! More than one in ten dive injuries occur in training. Protect your students with free DAN student medical coverage.


Online course on five contributing factors — each preventable — that lead to diver injury or death. Offer the course free of charge to all students | No course prerequisites, no skill requirements and no paperwork | Complements all entry-level certification courses. The aim of DAN’s Prepared Diver course is to prevent the most common accidents in diving. Use the course with your students and help make diving safer.


Scientific Summaries
Significant, yet straightforward, individual study synopses created from DAN research findings and workshop proceedings.Case
Based on real diving incidents, case summaries provide relevant risk management advice and diver preparedness insight.
Health & Diving Library
Valuable online information on topics critical to the health and safety of divers — for all levels of experience.


Giant Stride
The NEW Divers Guide to Safe Diving!
Giant Stride is a detailed online guide to help new divers transition from open-water training to diving independently.
Smart Guide Series
Short guides that provide up-to-date, easily accessible information.


Display the DAN logo on your website or your email signature when communicating with students and customers and refer divers to DAN-SA. This way, you get credit for any new members that join due to your referral. You will receive free DAN promotional products for every 10 members you have referred. Use the link to download the DAN logo.


Offer a variety of DAN products, namely first aid and oxygen equipment, training material and various products to your customers at a special partner rate. Or simply make use of this opportunity to kit-out your business with the dive industry's leading dive safety gear. Visit our online shop today!