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At Divers Alert Network (DAN) we know you are the kind of person who wants to be a safe diver. But to be that way you need a dive safety service you can rely on. The problem is most insurance companies don’t understand the challenges divers face when diving in remote destinations. Which makes you feel uncertain you will receive the emergency assistance you need. We believe you should feel confident when you go diving. We understand how it feels to be helpless in an emergency. That is why we want you to dive confidently knowing you have the world's leading dive safety organisation watching out for you. Here is how it works! As a DAN member you receive valuable dive cover benefits, access to DAN’s emergency hotline staffed by medically trained diving professionals and your membership helps support vital DAN health and safety initiatives. Sign up today to stop feeling worried when you go diving and start feeling confident knowing DAN is looking out for you.
DAN is the world’s most recognised and respected dive safety organisation comprised of dive professionals and medical experts dedicated to supporting divers. Through research, medical services, educational programs and global response initiatives, DAN has created an extensive network capable of providing divers around the world with vital services. Every day, divers around the globe look to DAN as their dive safety organisation. Be part of the community and dive safe with DAN. Become a DAN member today.


My name is Julika Kennaway! I had a major diving crisis. It was on a remote island in West Papua in Indonesia. Without DAN I dread to think what would have happened to me. The reality is that I could be blind, paralysed or dead.

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Dive confidently knowing that you have the world’s leading dive safety organisation watching out for you. As a DAN Member, you not only receive valuable dive cover benefits, your membership helps support vital DAN health and safety initiatives.

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For over 20 years, divers around the world have relied upon DAN for dive safety information and health guidance. They know that in event of emergency, we’ll be there for them - no matter where adventure takes them.

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Available to recreational & technical divers, freedivers & spear fisherman

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The DAN Blog provides you with all essential and up-to-date dive safety and medical tips. 

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Your real-time resource offering information about vaccinations, travel document requirements, foreign exchange rates and travel advisories.

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For divers planning short international dive trips

Alert Diver


Alert Diver is an indispensable resource that features must-read articles on the latest in dive safety, research and education. In addition, the magazine is a celebration of the underwater world, showcasing the world’s best underwater photography, bucket-list dive destinations and exciting marine life.

Emergency Hotline

+27 828 10 60 10

DAN's Emergency Hotline staff members are on call 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, to provide information, assist with care coordination and evacuation assistance

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Peace of mind for students & instructors



The power of infographics can change the way you learn about DAN Southern Africa. Use our materials and best practices to improve your safety and diving activities.

Diving Report

Fatalities and serious diving injuries are rare and often seem to be associated with unsafe behaviours or hazardous conditions, but they can occur without apparent cause. The primary goal of DAN's annual diving report on diving incidents, injuries and fatalities is to further this understanding.

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Planning for the ultimate dive adventure